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13 oz. Olive Oil Bottle

13 oz. Olive Oil Bottle

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Do you frequently use olive or vegetable oil when cooking? This hand thrown stoneware olive oil bottle keeps your olive or vegetable oil handy by the stove. It makes an attractive addition to your or a friend's kitchen.

Capacity: Holds 13 oz.
Dimensions: 9"h with weighted stainless pourer, 3.75"w x 3.5"d 

This olive oil bottle comes with a weighted stainless steel pourer:

  • In addition to olive and other oils, the weighted stainless pourer is for use with vinegar, salad dressing or other acidic liquids. 
  • The flip cap on the pourer helps to preserve the freshness of the oil by reducing contact with air when not in use. This pourer opens and closes smoothly as you use the cruet.

This hand thrown stoneware olive oil cruet is decorated with pale rust/orange bursts of sunshine on a creamy off-white glaze.

Terry Parker is the artist behind Loma Prieta Pottery. Every piece of pottery is created by hand with great attention paid to detail to make each piece of pottery function well and be enjoyable for you to use.

Each piece of pottery is created on a potter's wheel or hand built out of stoneware or porcelain. It is high fired in a gas kiln to 2340° F.


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