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Three Tube Flower Arranger

Three Tube Flower Arranger

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Display freshly cut flowers from your garden or a gift of a bouquet in this pretty container.

It measures 5" h x 5.75" in diameter.

This attractive and unusual vase will add a bit of beauty to your surroundings even when not in use for holding flowers. It is glazed in a soft blue glaze accented with a white band. This flower vase makes flower arranging easy. The flowers just slip into one of the three ceramic tubes which have an opening in the bottom so that the tubes fill with water to the level of the surrounding pot. The tubes can accommodate several stems each. For flowers with very delicate stems, use multiple flowers or added greenery in each tube.

The next to last photo is a stock photo of a similarly shaped vase with flowers in it. The other photos are of the ready to ship item that you will receive.

Terry Parker is the artist behind Loma Prieta Pottery. Every piece of pottery is created by hand with great attention paid to detail to make each piece of pottery function well and be enjoyable for you to use.

My ceramic work is created on a potter's wheel or hand built out of stoneware or porcelain. It is high fired in a gas kiln to 2340° F. 


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